Thursday, 17 September 2015


9th August, 2015 was the Sports Day as well as end 2nd term at Little Wonders Montessori Nursery School – Zana (Kikumbi Zone).  A number of parents were able to attend the function and had come with their children.  By 11.00am, all was set with children organized to participate in the various activities as per the groups organized by their teachers.

The activity shown above is Bottle Filling by the children.  Teacher Dora is assisting the children.

Teacher Dora is showing children what to do as they prepare to go about with the Sack race.

The activity is the Sack Race by children

Teacher Dora actively showing children how to go about with the race.

The child targeting one of the objects to have it fall down.

Children using a ball to put down standing objects.

Parents can be seen watching their children perform,.

Teacher Esther who happens to be the head teacher at the school gets the children ready for the colour sorting of the balls.

Children are seen holding the sorted balls on completion of the game.

Teacher Faridah explaining to the children what they are expected of doing.

Parents are seen having a do at the sport involving motor tyres.

Parents struggle on with the tyres

parents equally got involved in colour sorting of balls

It was indeed fun as shown by the parent's smile.

Surely, parents found it interesting sorting balls.

The Head teacher, Esther Namirembe can be seen reading out names of the winners of the various sporting activities in which children were involved.  Madam Sophie Kimuli officiated at the handing over to the winning children their medals.

Anxiety by the children as they waited to get their medals.

Madam Sophie Kimuli could not hide her happiness given that she is the Chair to the School Management Committee.

Children display their medals with a lot of satisfaction.

Parents are happy with the children as seen by their interaction.