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1.    What should induce a parent to have his child enrolled at Greenhill Academy?
The school Vision
Greenhill Academy is a school whose vision is to produce an exemplary person contributing effectively to society.

The school Mission
To provide high quality education which transforms the Greenhill community and beyond

The School values
  1. Christian based
  2. Courtesy
  3. Result oriented (hard work, dedication, commitment & time management)
  4. Integrity, transparency & accountability
  5. Teamwork
  6. Professionalism
  7. Social & environmental responsibility
2.    What reputation does the school (primary & secondary) enjoy as of now?
·         Greenhill Academy has come to be known as a school which is second to none in producing a wholesome child.
·         Boosts of a favourable and beautiful green environment.
·         Excellent academic standards as well as monitoring

3.    What facilities does the school have which directly impact positively on academic excellence?
·         A modern Swimming pool which enhances the student’s physical health
·         A spacious boarding facility
·         Computer laboratories for both primary and secondary equipping the students with IT skills
·         2 sports fields
·         Well equipped libraries
·         Designated Play area for 4 – 5 year olds
·         Science laboratory
·         Spacious and well aerated classrooms

4.    For a long time now, the school has been associated with Rector Mrs. Maraka.  Who is Mrs. Maraka? What is the profile of your working career to-date?)

Has taught in:
1.                  Nabisunsa Girls’ School Kampala Uganda
2.                  Loreto Convent Msongari Nairobi Kenya
3.                  Aga Khan Academy Nairobi Kenya
4.                  Greenhill Academy to date

Board Member:
·                     Was Vice President Red Cross Kampala South 2001 -2005
·                     Madhvani Schools Kakira from 2005 – 2011
·                     Founder member Gladys Wambuzi Education Scholarship Trust.
·                     Ekisaakaate kya Nabagereka where personal and social skills among children are promoted to help them cope better with today's needs.

Also a member of:
·                     Uganda Tropical Plants Association
·                     FAWE Uganda
·                     Nature Uganda

Passionate about;
·                     Improving and maintaining a good environment
·                     Empowering children
·                     Art/music/dance
·                     Reading (anything)
5.    What remarks can you make about schools that are involved in cheating the national examinations and the practice generally?
Cheating/stealing are not sustainable habits. A product of such a system is bound to display these habits which will reflect badly on the school in the long run.

6.    What is on offer in extracurricular activities at the school and how are you fairing as a school?
·         Scounting and girl guides
·         Swimming
·         Football
·         Hockey
·         Cricket
·         Music (Piano, guitar, violin)
·         Drama and dance – the primary school stages a play every two years.
·         Additional language studies in Primary school i.e French and Swahili

7.    If a parent wants to have his/her child to primary or secondary section, what are the procedures and requirements?
·         Inquire from the front office manager
·         Fill a Registration form (attach a birth certificate, passport photos for child and parents, report from previous school)
·         Bring the child for an interview. Entrance is at Nursery  (age 4) for the primary school and secondary mostly at S 1 and S5)
·         Pay an interview fee
·         Wait for interview results which are communicated after 2 weeks then admission

8.    Greenhill is a status school.  What can a parent expect to pay at various levels of the school? Do you allow part payment?
Nursery to P7
1,000,000/- tuition
150,000/- - admission fee
350,000/- boarding fee
25,000 – Annual trip fee

S1 – S6
970,000 – Tuition
150,000 – Admission fee
350,000 – Boarding fee

9.    Any children/student sponsorship schemes at the school?

Gladys Wambuzi Education Scholarship Trust which rewards outstanding performers at national level examination and other special categories.

10.  Any other information you deem important for public consumption about the school?
·      There is a memorial lecture, Gladys Wambuzi Memorial Lecture which takes place every year in September. It is a lecture which discusses various issues in the education section. We have had two lectures so far in 2012 and 2013. The next lecture will take place in September, 2015.
·   Greenhill has a second primary school campus located in Buwaate along Kiira  -Kasangati road with a similar curriculum. Greenhill Academy Buwaate.
·        Greenhill has an Old Student’s Association GHOSA which unites all the alumni of the school.

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