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Brother Anthony Kyemwa is personally the Architect of the Artwork of a Life – Size Statue of the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Kisubi) located in the middle of the Dormitory Quadrangle.
Brother Anthony Kyemwa is personally the Architect of the Artwork of a Life – Size Statue of the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Kisubi) located in the middle of the Dormitory Quadrangle.
He put up this Artwork when he was still a student of Fine Art at Makerere University.  It is a symbol of spiritual nourishment of SMACK. 


Old Boy Awards - 2002
In the photos: 1 – Prof. Frederick Ssempebwa , Dr. S. Kagugube & Hon. Ssekandi; 2 – Mr. Kamya in middle; 3 – Hon. Ssemogerere; 4 – Charlie Lubega; 5 – Mr. Obura; 6 – Mr. Walusimbi; 7 – Prof. Omaswa; 8 – Prof. Mukibi; 9 – Prof. Kakande; and 10 – Capt. Roy.
April 7, 2002 was a remarkable day for many at St. Mary’s College Kisubi. Some Old Boys of SMACK on that day received Awards for excelling in different fields. The recipients included Charlie Lubega for his achievement in Sports (Motor Rallying), Capt. Roy for his business acumen. The Speaker of Parliament Hon. Edward Ssekandi and Hon. Paul Kawanga Ssemwogerere (Former Democratic Party President) were also awarded. Prof. Mukiibi by then Director General of National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) as well as Prof. Frederick Ssempebwa of the Constitutional Review Commission received awards. Others awarded included the then Director General of Health Services Prof. Francis Omaswa for his academic excellence. Mr. S. Tibeyita of the East African Development Bank, Justice Joseph Mulenga and Mr. John Kamya of the Junior Library fame for his dedication to the College to see the Library a reality (Award was given to his father on his behalf). Others awarded included Mr. J. B. Walusimbi (Snr ), Prof. Kakande and Mr. Obura. 
John Baptist Semanobe scored on of the two goals against St. Henry’s College Kitovu’s one goal at Wankulukuku Stadium on 14th November 1964. It was most unfortunate that victory brought tears to the school community 42 years ago, when on November 14, 1964, as students were returning from the Buganda Senior Cup victory match, they were mistaken for Political Agitators, hence came face to face with untimely death in a tragic accident, which claimed 12 of them, 12 miles on Entebbe Highway, where Kisubi High School is located

In the photo: Anthony Ssingo was Head prefect when Kawanga Ssemogerere (1st in 2nd photograph) joined St. Mary’s College Kisubi. In the photo with Ssemogerere is Brother Kyemwa who was in Junior two. Ssemogerere joined St. Mary’s College in 1947 in Junior Secondary One.

In the photo is Governor Sir Andrew Cohen RIP. When J. C. Kiwanuka RIP started teaching at SMACK, starting HSC at St. Mary’s had penetrated his mind. He talked the matter over with the Late Brother Louis Chuonard and Brother Oscar Roger both former Headmasters of SMACK. Fortunately, they were also very keen on the idea. The Executive Committee of St. Mary’s Old Boys Association (SMOBA) made an appointment with the Late Governor Andrew Cohen to meet and discuss the matter. The Governor accepted to meet them, they discussed the matter, and on the occasion of the School’s Celebration of the 50th Anniversary, Sir Andrew Cohen broke the news that he had allowed the school to start Higher School Certificate (HSC). Sir Andrew Cohen broke the news that St. Mary’s Old Boy’s Association (SMOBA) was the only body that contacted him on this matter.

In the photo is Sister (Dr) Assumpta Nabawanuka (IHMR Sr) - Nkozi Hospital at SMACK (1989-91). The Sister wrote thus: St. Mary’s College Kisubi, inspite of its name has always been a school for boys, that is at least until we girls came in! Did you know that SMACK has “Old Girls” as well? Well, it was in 1989 when Brother Joseph Tinkasimire, then Headmaster, bravely opened the gates of the Great College for boys to us the women, Sister Gertrude Namale, and Sister Assumpta Nabawanuka, and then five years later in 1994 to Sister Magdalene Namukasa and Sister Judith Kenjeru. It was a very challenging experience for us and to some extent initially intimidating. However, we soon discovered that the boys whom the Headmaster always addressed as “gentlemen” were indeed worth the name. They respected us the “ladies”, they were quite cooperative and ready to help us. We loved our stay at the College. Today, the two of us Ms Gertrude Namale and myself (Sister Assumpta Nabawanuka IHMR, are Medical Doctors whereas Sister (Dr) Magdalene Namukasa (IHMR) RIP was a Dental Surgeon, all graduates of Makerere University.
In the photo: Sister Magdalene Namukasa (RIP) at SMACK for A’ levels (1994-1996).
The 1st photo: Emmanuel Cardinal Nsubuga (RIP) who was Host during the SMACK 75 Celebrations on Sunday, June 12, 1983, Basil Kiwanuka (RIP) has his back to the camera. Photo 2: 1st right is Brother Tinkasimire, 2nd right is the Late Prof. Kyalwazi who was Chairman Board of Governors when SMACK Celebrated 75 years.
The SMACK 75 Road. The story of the road: It was on Monday 6, June 1983 when Mr. Moro, the then Managing Director of Stirling Road Construction Company called at St. Mary’s College Kisubi wanting to see the Headmaster. At that time, the Headmaster’s office was under key and lock following a letter from Prof. Isaac Newton Ojok terminating with immediate effect the school administration. Mr. Moro traced Brother Kafeero the Headmaster at the Brothers’ Residence. He wanted a place in senior one for his son Kizito. The Headmaster replied that there was no place available! Mr Moro went to his knees, he said he had served the country for so many years and can’t deserve a place at the school! This reaction touched the Headmaster, and a place was offered. Mr. Moro asked what he could offer in return to show his appreciation. Brother Kafeero told him that they needed a road, and that the Finance Committee had just enough money to cater for other constructions and the meal on the D-Day for the SMACK –75 Celebrations. Moro asked, “The road only?” He said this was no problem on his part. Mr. Moro promised to come back to the school the following day to work out the necessary details for the road construction. On Tuesday 7 June 1983 Moro sent a Surveyor. The Surveying was done and on 8th June Road Working Machines were got from Katende along Masaka Highway where Stirling Company was working and stationed at SMACK.
Souvenirs for The SMACK Fundraising Charity Walk. Souvenirs for the SMACK 100 Charity Walk were on sale in House colours.
The SMACK 100 Charity Walk had two objectives which were:
To publicize the SMACK – 100 Celebrations,

To raise funds for our Centennial Monument – the Storey Higher School Dormitory with accommodation capacity of 500 students”.
The Centennial logo for SMACK.
The Centenary logo and Rev. Father Raux Modeste the founder of SMACK.
The aerial view of St. Mary’s College and immediate neighbourhood at Kisubi by 1924

12 lads who died on 14th Nov. 1964
In the picture, it is the bus which Brother Kyemwa bought when he got to office. The red arrow is pointing to Prof. Ddumba Sentamu (Vice Chancellor Makerere University). Seated in photo (2) is Mr. Peter Mugerwa was the driver. He joined SMACK in 1967 and left in 1989.
In the photo: The Executive of the Old Boy’s Association (SMOBA) in 1964. The Old Boys had earlier been mobilized to contribute funds to the construction of the School Chapel (10%). Seated left to right: John Kasule (RIP), J B Walusimbi (Sr), Francis Walugembe(RIP), Prof. S Kyalwazi (RIP), Paul Mpungu and Aloysius Byekwaso (RIP). Standing left to right: W S kibirango, C J Lubega (RIP), Mayanja, E R Kayizzi (RIP), L M Tyaba, B P Kiwanuka(RIP), Loy Lubega and Paul Kanyago.
The St. Mary's College Kisubi logo

The 1966 HSC class at SMACK. This among others had: Brother Kafeero RIP, Dr. George Kkolokolo, Eng J. B. Walusimbi, Dr. E. Katongole Mbidde, Artist M. Muleme, John Nazareth, Brother Lwanga RIP to mention a few.
It is a group photograph at the hand over of St. Mary's College to the four Brothers of Christian Instruction in 1926. The Brothers of Christian Instruction with students of St. Mary’s College Kisubi on arrival at Kisubi -1926.

The generator house at SMACK which was constructed when Brother Tinkasinire was Headmaster.
The generator
The 1st tree on the left is The Tree of Liberty - the Old Boys of St. Mary's College Kisubi used to hold meetings under the tree which is very near the Main gate of the school.

In the photo it is the SMACK Club House. Around 1918, a number of students had left the School for work and were scattered and couldn’t easily know one another as children of one mother. A proposal was made by Joseph Kasasa that some sort of club be formed to bring together all the Old Boys in a body of one spirit, and link the Old Boys with their Brothers still at school by coming to stay together once a year for three days at Easter. The proposal was welcome by Father Fillion who was Principal of the School as well as Bishop Forbes, and the inauguration was fatherly blessed by Bishop Streicher who said he had great hope in a body of the trained lay-men. It is then that the Old Boys Association was born (1918). The Club was to be governed by a Honorary President, then have a Secretary, Treasurer, and later an Editor and Librarian, a Vice-President with assistants. Meetings were to be held monthly at the headquarters and branches, before all members came together annually at a General meeting for a retreat of 3 days at Easter.
By 1940, it had been agreed that every Old Boy would pay 40% from his one-month salary to the Association.
This initiative helped the Club House or St. Mary’s Club House to be built. There was a Chief Collector for the Club Building Fund.
There was the compilation of St. Mary’s Old Boys’ Association Club Builders’ Golden Register. They had a target of raising Shs 6,000, while the estimated cost of the works was Shs 6,175. During that time, communication and minutes were being written in Luganda. Around that time (1940) the Old Boys were paying annual subscription of 3/-.
"The Club House is the Home of St. Mary’s Old Boys.”
The SMACK Centennial Cake - 2006

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